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Samples The How and Why!!

Sampling Procedure

The only real accurate way to sample is by taking samples of every truck load as you are loading your bin. While unloading the truck pull a small amount of grain, around every 50bu while unloading. Put a representative sample from each truckful into a large pail. Remember numerous buyers will want samples. Do not skimp on the samples!!

When the pail is full mix the contents thoroughly and fill several large sample bags with the bin number, variety, grain, grade etc. Some producers find it helpful to track the field that it came from too in case of quality differences.

Failing that, you can probe a bin both at the door and at the top. This isn’t as accurate but it’s better than nothing. Last resort is to take a sample out of the bin door. When the pail is full mix the contents thoroughly.

If you’re sampling from a grain bag, cut 3 or 4 slits in the bag and take your samples from there. When the pail is full mix the contents thoroughly. Make sure you re-tape your cuts in the bag.

Hopefully these suggestions can help in your sampling methods.

Why All the Hype?

Did you take the time this year to have your grain graded by the local elevator? Did you take it to more than one? Were the results different?

A lot of the time the answers to these questions are YES! Grading is subjective and can change from field to field. This is why sampling procedures, record keeping and getting your samples in early are keys in marketing grain!

Sending in Samples

Use the form below to keep track of what you have sent. Fill out as much information as possible. Please keep in mind that each buyer requires a minimum of 500g/1lb. Please provide enough sample to send to multiple buyers.

Don't Have Time To Bring In Samples?

Knowing what you have is the most important step in marketing your grain. Even though most buyers will want to see their own samples having a basic idea of what you have is a start.

The CGC is providing producers with the Harvest Sample Program this is from Now until November.

Sample Results

When buyers are looking to fill contracts they turn to their results first using this as a quick list for sourcing. This creates easier communication between buyer and sellers for smoother transactions. The buyer knows what quality they are looking for and producers knows what they have on hand.

This often results in premiums for producers!!!