How is Grain Priced?
Market Master works with many buyers with a variety of grain bids. We work within the markets to find the best price for your situation. At a cost of only $0.06/bu on booked grain.

Bids are available for the nearby time period or even a year in advanceóspot priced or basis contracts. Upon the producerís approval, details of the transaction are documented in a Brokerís Note and forwarded to all parties involved. Just remember paperwork takes time to process. Once a deal is agreed upon the grain is considered sold.

Please call Market Master and get us working for you! There is no fee to get set up we only charge brokerage on booked grain.

The Brokers Note (BN)
The BN is issued to all parties, reflecting the binding agreement between the buyer and seller of the grain. Detailed information includes:

-Buyer, seller, hauler
-Grain specifications
-Applicable discounts
-Delivery period

Some buyers will supply a corresponding contract. It is then the responsibility of the producer to sign and send this back to the buyer. This is the information that will be used for payment. Please make sure it is correct.

Buyers typically issue cheques 10 to 15 business days after contract completion or after specified unloads.
Contract Completion
Every effort is made to ensure the contract is completed during the delivery time specified. However, unforeseen circumstances can happen (weather, scheduling, breakdowns) which may delay movement from either the sellerís or buyerís end. We all work together to minimize this.
Freight costs are normally based upon a 44 MT load. Grain haulers charge for a full load. Extra charges may occur if the load is short or loading/unloading takes more than 1.5 hours.

For some buyers overage is paid at spot price. Please be aware at time of booking and loading what the contracted amount is.

Producers receive payment direct from the buyer. If freight is arranged, the hauler will send his invoice to the producer. Market Master sends the brokerage invoice to the producer after contract completion.
Grain Standards
When quality issues are in question, grain loads may be rejected or discounts applied. Any occurrences with a quality issue (or issues in general) are dealt with on a case-by-case basis. Thus, itís very important that grain is tested and specifications known beforehand.

Grain Not Delivered
If the tonnage specified is not delivered, the producer may be expected to replace the grain from another source or be subject to a buy-out cost, as per the buyerís terms. Each buyer is different.

Incomplete or terminated BNs may be subject to a $0.02/bu cancellation fee by Market Master
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