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Welcome To Your Grain Watchdog!

Grain brokerage is our business! Market Master is based in Alberta. We find the best prices for grain, belonging to the best farmers in the world, going to the best buyers in the country.

Grains we handle include: barley, wheat, oats, rye, flax, canola, peas, faba beans and triticale. Basically, you name it we will try to help you find a home for it. Going from top quality grading grains to mixed and heated grain. From current pricing to forward contracting. For a brokerage fee charged only on grain that is booked.

Trucking (with the best haulers in western Canada) is arranged at no cost. And when buyers need grain, we deliver. Farmers are kept updated throughout the year with pricing for current and forward opportunities.
Pricing Updates!

Spring Thrashed Grain
If you have spring thrashed grain we have some great opportunities. Give us a call!

Sunrise from Provost area

This is from my home town this summer, I just loved it

In Memory Of

We would like to thank all of you who were able to attend the celebration of life for Shelley on Friday September 26th, 2014. For those of you who were unable to attend or were in the overflow seating we would like to share the tribute video with you.

The very beginning, Shelley is narrating while her husband Richard drove down a beach in Oregon this July. From listening to the video you can hear the joy in her voice as they headed down the beach.

We hope you enjoy and have a smile as Shelley preferred.

Our New Address

Our new office is located just south of the Ellerslie Curling Club!
1159 74 Street SW
Edmonton AB

Come check out our new location!

This is a current sampling of producer grain for sale. This list is updated three times per week. Please note, the list is large and (depending upon your internet speed) may take some time to load onto your computer. To purchase grain, call 1-800-440-8390 or send an email

Grain Location Bushels Weight Updated
Barley 2 row feed Bon Accord 20000   08/14/2017
Barley 2 row (spring threshed) feed Brownfield 8000 45 08/28/2017
barley 2-row malt Calmar 11200   09/08/2017
barley 2-row malt Calmar 22000   09/08/2017
barley 2 row feed Clive 10000   09/05/2017
barley 2 row feed Coronation 20000   09/12/2017
Barley 2 row feed Daysland 5000   08/15/2017
barley 2 row feed Daysland 60000   08/04/2017
barley 2-row malt Edmonton 17000   09/18/2017
Barley 2 row feed Forestburg 13000   08/14/2017
barley 2 row feed Holden 12000   09/20/2017
barley 2 row feed Kathryn 6000   09/18/2017
Barley 2 row feed Leduc 4800 52 08/11/2017
barley 2 row feed Magrath 20000   09/19/2017
Barley 2 row feed Millet 2000   08/14/2017
Barley 2 row feed New Norway 6000   08/16/2017
barley 2 row feed Strome 10000   08/14/2017
canola Lamont 18000   08/16/2017
canola Spring Threshed Millet 20000   09/20/2017
faba beans New Norway 16000   08/16/2017
lentils red #2 CW Acadia Valley 15000   08/21/2017
lentils red #2 CW Bindloss 1600   08/30/2017
oats #2 CW Rochester 3500   08/14/2017
peas green edible Bittern Lake 10000   08/28/2017
peas green edible Edberg 3000   08/23/2017
peas green edible Galahad 10000   08/31/2017
peas yellow edible Magrath 20000   09/19/2017
peas yellow edible Meeting Creek 7000   09/01/2017
peas green edible Stony Plain 10000   08/29/2017
peas green edible Strome 22000   09/24/2017
peas green edible Tees 12000   08/16/2017
peas green edible Vegreville 28000   08/21/2017
rye Andrew 10000   08/18/2017
rye Castor 1700   08/21/2017
rye Veteran 24000   08/21/2017
wheat CWAD Bindloss 10000 63 08/30/2017
wheat CPSR Blackfoot 70000   08/21/2017
wheat CPSR Bonnyville 15000   08/10/2017
wheat CPSR Lamont 10000   08/24/2017
wheat CPSR Lamont 10000   08/04/2017
wheat CWRS Magrath 100000 68 09/19/2017
wheat CPSR Onoway 5000   08/11/2017
wheat CWSWS Provost 13000   09/12/2017
wheat CPSR Rochester 1600   08/14/2017
wheat CWRS Sherwood Park 10000   09/13/2017
wheat CWAD Taber 10000   08/21/2017
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