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Grainwise Newsletter
Our weekly newsletter, has been providing current and relevant grain marketing information to our subscribers since 1996. Keep up-to-date with weekly issues of Grainwise. Review what grain prices were booked by producers throughout the week and buyers' bids throughout the week. At a glance, see what happened in Canadian and US futures markets and why. Read John Stewart's "A Farmer's Perspective" for grain marketing. Review useful agricultural news and articles.
Bid Board
Ever wonder what pricing is on the market? This can easily be accessed with the bid board. Buyers enter grain bids to reach many producers at one time. Producers can review prices and see which bid fits their farm location and sell grain.
Subscription costs are $131.25 per year including GST. Give us a call to get set up or fill out the free trail form and check it out for 4 weeks
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